• Blue Financial Services Ghana Limited has noticed that some fraudulent person(s) are deceitfully using its name to demand payments from unsuspecting members of the public as loan “processing fees”.
  • The impostors use the name ‘Blue Loans Ghana’, Finaid’ in misleading the public.
  • They also use the following mobile numbers (there could be others): a. 055414270 b. 0208038008 c. 0557715791
  • Communications from these numbers should be treated with immediate suspicion.
  • They claim to have their office at Ho Bankoe, opposite the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

We Wish To State Categorically That:

  • We DO NOT take cash upfront as a ‘processing fee’ when making out loans.
  • We identify as Blue Financial Services Ghana Limited but NOT ‘Blue Loans Ghana’, Finaid’.
  • We urge the public to report any such suspicions to the Ghana Police Service (toll-free 18555) or Blue Financial Services Ghana Limited via

Email: info@bluefs.com.gh
Telephone: 0303968196 / 0303968898

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