CEO’s Message

Welcome to our website and thank you for your time and interest.

Our roots reach beyond Ghana as we belong to a vibrant group based in South Africa with presence in many African countries. Since commencing operations in Ghana in 2011, we have become a leading financial partner that is truly enabling thousands of Ghanaians to transform their aspirations into reality.

At Blue Financial Services, we live beyond profit. Our ethos is to see that the provision of finance is truly enabling social change. We believe that we can support Ghana’s socio-economic growth if we could intersect the elements of affordability and convenience into a single value proposition in our financial provisions, and that is our brand promise.

Being purpose-driven, our culture is anchored on respect for people, acting with integrity and sharing returns with all. We practice responsible lending and good corporate citizenship. Our operations reflect our purpose, with our customers being the prime focus of what we do. Our services are structured to deliver first-rate customer experiences. And importantly, our philosophy is that, premium customer experience must not compromise affordability, so we commit to rendering best-priced offerings paired with convenience.

With a decade of serving the Ghanaian market under our belt, we have bonded deeply with our customers, gained their trust and better understood their needs. The attained trust and insight of our customers richly serve to fuel our ethos and anchor our future direction. Consistent with our promise of convenience and evolving digital trends, we have accelerated mechanisms for rolling-out best-in-class online platforms to afford our customers digital channels for engaging and transacting with unprecedented ease that will further delight and endear them to our brand. Our heritage and future are united by the strands of accessible, convenient and affordable financial provisions all to enable socio-economic transformation of the people we serve.

At Blue Financial Services, we empower forging a brighter future and with ample conviction, we say “Every Step with You, Trust in Blue.” Please, read on and feel welcome into the Blue family.

Emmanuel K. Ainoo

Chief Executive Officer