Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is eligible for Blue loan?

2. What are the loan products available for me to choose from?

Emergency Loans

  • 30 Days
  • 60 Days
  • 90 Days

Term Loans

  • One (1) Month
  • Three (3) Months
  • Six (6) Months
  • Nine (9) Months
  • Twelve (12) Months
  • Fifteen (15) Months
  • Eighteen (15) Months
  • Twenty Four (24) Months
  • Thirty Six (36) Months
  • Forty Eight (48) Months

3. What are the loan application requirements?

Term Loan Requirements?

  • Valid ID: Voter's/Driver's License/Passport/NIA
  • Any bank document: voided cheque leaflet, bank statements
  • Two (2) most recent passport-sized photograph
  • A copy of most recent pay slip
  • Residential address/direction
  • Head of Department endorsement/introduction
  • Mandate Form (CAGD)
  • Authority Note-CAGD, GRIDCO

Emergency Loan Requirements?

  • Expected Amount: GHS 200 - GHS 3,000.00
  • Repayment Period: Maximum-90 Days
  • Postdated Cheques
  • 3 Months Bank Statement
  • Current Payslip

4. What are your loan interest rates?

  • Our rates differ based on the repayment duration.
  • Interests range from 2.62% -3.96% per month.

5. What is the maximum loan amount?

You can borrow from GHc 200 up to GHc30, 000 depending on your salary.

6. What is the longest loan repayment period?

You can repay your loan in 1-month, 3-months, or maximum of 48 months

7. How long does it take to disburse a loan?

We will process and pay-out your loan in 24hrs or earlier, after receiving all documents.

8. How do I apply for my refund, if over deducted?

In the unlikely event that you are over deducted, please call 0303-968898/0303-968196

9. How do I know my settlement balance?

Please call our Customer Service on 0303-968898 for your balance.

10. When do I qualify for a top up loan?

After meeting at least three months monthly installments and has affordability.

11. What do I benefit from a Blue loan?

  • Loan disbursement is made electronically into your bank account or mobile money wallet, eliminating the need to visit a branch.
  • Convenient repayment through monthly payroll deductions.
  • No transactional banking costs or application fees.
  • Quick payout (within 24 hours).
  • 100% insurance with funeral benefit in the event of death or permanent disability.